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Moving WordPress can be a hassle. Sure, there are plugins that sometimes work but you are missing your images and plugins or it just gives you a white screen when you finish. Don’t spend time and money trying to do it yourself. We have developed a systematic and carefully thought out migration strategy that works for everyone.
We can migrate your site seamlessly with no downtime at all for just $149*


Is your wordpress site just a white screen? Commonly called: “White screen of death”. WordPress and CMS malware code injection has become a pandemic and a real pain to “cure” completely. No plugin will fix this. We can help undo the corrupted content, patch your site, check for vulnerabilities and get you back up and running in no time.
Our normal charge is $99 to repair most hacks.

Wordpress Consulting

Do you have custom WordPress needs? We provide consulting to assist with virtually anything. From simple & secure installation to massive scalability. Is a plugin acting up? Is your theme not cooperating? Don’t waste time and money searching the internet for help. We have been there done that. We will quote you an estimate before we do any work.


Why would anyone want to do this?

The Salad Days

Our team has many years of experience using WordPress. It has become a platform we have come to love. Having been so active with WordPress, we all followed best practices when it came to security and scalability. We started realizing that these best practices, and additional knowledge we’ve gained, could be valuable and provide peace of mind to people and organizations that run WordPress.


We started conceiving WordPush because many friends and associates of ours were experiencing a lot of attacks on their WordPress installations mostly because WordPress had become so easy to setup and deploy that little thought was put into Hardening practices and security. People just assume plugins are safe and nothing bad can happen. WRONG! Brute force attacks, malware code injection and other even more evil hacks are causing people all kinds of headaches. We had people begging for our help we haven’t worked for in years. We got really good at fixing WordPress. We can now fix almost anything. Surprise us!

Thinking Caps Activated

We were doing a lot of favors for friends and colleagues fixing their hacked and broken blogs. We thought.. “hmmm… we could actually help other people we don’t know and actually make some money instead of losing it helping our freeloading friends” No offense.


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